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Does renting a waste disposal bin require a permit?

Before embarking on any project, it is always good to know whether what you plan to do is legal and safe.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not you require a permit to rent a waste disposal bin.

In Toronto, you will not need a permit if you put your waste disposal bin on your yard or driveway.

You will however need to get a permit if you want to leave it on the sidewalk, street or public
alley so contact your city’s Public Works Department and request for a permit.

Below are important things you need to know about acquiring a permit:

  • For renovation or construction projects, you may need to place the waste disposal bin somewhere on the street and not on your driveway, so to do that legally you are going to a permit. In Toronto, you will need a Street Occupation Permit before starting a demolition, renovation, or construction project, if you are using an area beyond your property line. This is usually a sidewalk, roadway or public lane.
  • When you visit your city’s Public Works website, you will need to fill out an application form which will require basic information like your name and address. You will also need to provide information on where the waste disposal bin will go, details of your projects and whether or not it is possible to have the bin on the property. Different cities in Canada have their own costs and processing time on the permit so you need to apply early.
  • When placing your disposal bins anywhere other than your driveway, you must keep them away from hydrants and adhere to any parking restrictions.
  • It is very important to comply with the laws in Toronto. Failing to acquire a permit for anytime you place a waste disposal bin on public property could lead to fines. Residents can contact local authorities regarding the waste bin if they are concerned. When this happen, you will need to produce your permit and if you don’t you may face a penalty. Failing to pay fines could lead to jail time. Nobody is exempt from acquiring a permit. Everyone including home owners and contractors need a permit to put disposal bins on the street.
  • Make sure you chose an insured waste management service because if there is any damage to the road, street or wherever your bin is placed, you may be charged with a hefty bill to get it repaired. Speak to your local operator about insurance and see what protection and coverage they can offer you.

Obtaining a permit is usually a simple process. You can carry out whatever projects you want to, just as long as they are in compliance with the law and do not pose a risk to you or anyone around you.

Toronto’s bylaws on obtaining permits to place waste disposal bins in public places have been put in place for everyone’s protection. Failure to comply with these bylaws could lead to fines or having your project being shut down.

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