With the knowledge of how waste produces toxic gases that are hazards to our health being spread far and wide, it has become uncommon to see people burning their waste as was done in the past. People are now informed on creating a sustainable environment by disposing of waste correctly. Waste management companies have taken a step ahead to help people deal with their waste. Bin rental companies have sprung up everywhere and it is clear that they have greatly relieved the municipal council of a task that had overburdened them.

With different types of businesses and home usage, disposal bin rental Toronto has come up with ideas of renting different types of bins that are specified for certain wastes. If you have a lot of varied wastes, the more bins you require to cater for all your wastes.

However, people think that all wastes can be put into rented garbage bins. This is not correct. Usually, there is waste that you are allowed to dispose of in the bins. This includes clean materials such as bricks and stones, industrial waste, renovations and cleanups waste, residential and commercial waste. Then there is the waste that you are not allowed to place in the disposal bins. These items include:

  • Paints And Solvents: After most renovations, or after a fresh coat of paint for a deserving house, there will be paint left-overs. The leftovers may be unused paints, paints solvents or even types of finishes. If you want to get rid of them, rented disposal bins are not the ideal place to place these types of wastes. Paints contain chemicals that are harmful to life, and if they get to waterways, they may pose threats to human health.
  • Automotive Fluids: Most people nowadays own cars, and you find them with a load of cans of automotive fluids that they use on their cars. All types of fluids you use in your cars such as oils, transmission fluids, engine coolants are highly harmful and others could be highly flammable. They pose similar hazards as paints and hence should be properly disposed and not put in the rented disposal bins.
  • Powerful Cleaning Agents:  In most cities and major towns, the government has put up disposal locations for such wastes. Why? Most of the cleaning agents are not extracted from natural ingredients. Therefore, they are very harmful to life. Therefore, if you have cleaning agents waste that you need to dispose, look for the right disposing centers and not in the rented garbage bins.
  • Electronics:  Many cities have taken an action of banning electronic waste being dumped in landfills. Therefore, they have built e-waste recycling facilities where they could be properly disposed or even recycled if need be.
  • Batteries:  Even though recent batteries are well advanced, it is widely known that batteries contain a substantial amount of mercury. It is important to note that mercury isn’t just harmful but also fatal to life.

Most wastes around your home could be put on the rented garbage bins but look out on those things. Your disposal company may charge you extra if they find such wastes in their bins.