Environmental conservation has always been a top priority for any country in the world. The first step to environmental sustainability is recycling. The more waste is recycled, the more our country is clean and the lesser the health hazards we have to deal with.

The government is very serious about the projects that deal with creating a sustainable environment and puts strict regulations and by-laws to help curb pollution in all ways possible. But still, the government can’t do this alone. That’s why there are lots of companies dedicated to helping you dispose of your waste correctly.

One of the best ways is to rent a garbage bin that will cater for your needs. The type of bin you need will depend on your preferences, likes and type of waste you want to dispose. Moreover, how much waste you have for a certain period of time maybe something to consider. Most bin rental companies give different types of bins for different types of wastes. One of the bins you will have will be marked ‘recyclable waste’.

Now, recycling being one of the best ways to conserve the environment, you are supposed to understand that there are wastes that can be recycled and others that can’t be recycled. With recycling programs being duly emphasized, it’s important to know what can and can’t be recycled. We all have so much knowledge from the media, seminars, posters and all other platforms, yet there are things that people still imagine are still recyclable but aren’t.

Below is a list of five common non-recyclable items that you should never put in a recycle bin.

  • Pizza Boxes: As we all know, pizza is now one of the most sought fast foods in Canada. Are you hungry? Run for a pizza. Pizza boxes are made of cardboard which is literally recyclable. But on this case, it can’t be recycled. Why? Pizza being a food, is cooked using oils that soak into the cardboard that contaminate process of cardboard recycling.
  • Plastic Bottle Caps: Plastic bottles are one of the most recycled items in present day. But their caps are not recyclable. Most caps of plastic bottles are made from a type of plastic which is not recyclable.
  • Styrofoam: It is one of the most ubiquitous forms of waste, and also highly hazardous. It is made from petroleum and is highly flammable, therefore it is advisable to look up a Styrofoam recycling location for safe disposal.
  • Aerosol Cans: Aerosol cans are mostly made of recyclable metal, but can’t be recycled since they contain harmful chemicals. Therefore they can’t be mixed with other metals like aluminum when recycling.
  • Wet Paper: When a paper becomes wet, the fiber become damaged. This will act as a contaminant if mixed with a dry batch. Therefore if your paper has ever been wet at a certain point, do not put it in the recycle bin.

When trying to recycle as much as you can, try to put those five items in mind because though some are made of recyclable materials, they’re simply not recyclable.