The world is moving into digital technology, and there’s no stopping this movement. The higher the number of technological innovations we have, the higher the number of gadgets being made day in day out to provide platforms for this advancing technology. Conversely, the faster the technology advances, the faster the existing gadgets become outdated and obsolete to their owners. What this means is that at any one time, there’s a gadget owner wondering how to dispose of their now useless gadget.

Due to all this, e-waste has become a major concern in most countries more so in the poorer countries in parts of Africa and Asia. E-waste is growing in very large numbers. And those mountains of dead electronic gadgets are posing a great threat to the living conditions and health of the inhabitants near the dumpsites. The dead gadgets contain a wide range of hazardous components such as mercury, lead, and cadmium.  Research shows that most children born in areas near e-waste dumpsites have very high amounts of lead in their blood when compared to children living far from the dumpsites.

If you use a disposal company, it is important to note that most disposal bin rental Toronto companies, however, won’t let you place your old electronics in their disposal bins. If you rent a garbage bin, you are advised not to place any electronic wastes there. If you do, the companies will charge you extra cash because they will have to sort out the waste and take the e-waste to the correct disposal centers put up by the municipals.

So how exactly should you dispose of your old phone, laptop or TV set in a manner that is environmentally friendly? Here’s how:

  • Donation: Sometimes gadgets are just outdated but maybe still in working conditions. Don’t just think of disposal. The first consideration you should always have is donating your old gadget. It may be very useless to you, but remember there is always someone who is less fortunate and will be glad to receive it. Before doing that, always remember to erase all your personal information from the gadget.
  • Sell it: If you feel that giving away your old gadget is costly to you because it is still worth some cash, you could sell it. With e-market sites, you will easily find someone who will be willing to buy it and this will be beneficial to both of you.
  • Return it: Electronic stores nowadays have introduced buy-back programs if the gadget is still in working condition. This could be a trade-in or even store credits in exchange. The stores will then try to refurbish the gadgets for resale or dispose of them responsibly.
  • Recycle: We should always be ready to recycle our e-waste, and it is clear based on the impact e-waste can have on the environment why this is necessary. With recycle centers popping up everywhere, head your e-waste there.
  • Make an e-bag: Stockpile any electronic gadgets that you no longer have a use for, and try to pass them to family relatives and friends. E-waste is a big problem in the 21st century but if you follow these tips you will be contributing towards the solution.