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Want to hire a disposal company that cares about keeping your property in the best condition while making sure all wastes are responsibly disposed? You’ve come to the right place. At Romano Disposal Services Inc. we are here to fulfil all your waste disposal needs. Wherever you are in Toronto or the GTA, you can be rest assured that our team will offer reliable disposal services. We can help you get rid of the excess waste after cleaning your crowded garage, renovating your kitchen space or even remodelling a commercial space. We’ll come with a proper disposal bin to carry the wastes out of your site and dispose it responsibly.

Why Trust Our Waste Disposal Services?

Romano Disposal Services Inc. is trusted by businesses and individuals in Toronto for offering transparent disposal solutions, keeping homes and businesses in good condition. When we come to collect the wastes, our professionals will treat your property with respect. We will make sure the dumpsters are placed on the right spots and that you don’t encounter any property damage on your driveway, yard or parking lot.

We will come with a properly sized container so that you don’t have to spend more to get rid of all the wastes. In fact, we recommend discussing the disposal needs with the customers in order to determine which size of waste container will be most ideal for their project. Our waste disposal solutions are geared towards safeguarding our environment and securing the wellbeing of those who live in Toronto and the GTA.

We Offer Construction Disposal Services

Are you looking for a disposal solution that works for you? Call the experts at Romano Disposal Services Inc. We will find a way to get rid of all your construction wastes to make your life easier and hassle free. We know how quickly waste can accumulate in construction projects and hence offer a same day delivery service to help you get rid of the waste fast.

Home Renovations Waste Disposal

Renovating your home? Be careful not to be overwhelmed with the trash that can quickly accumulate as you continue working on the remodel. We’ll help ensure the renovation is exciting and hassle free by taking away all the trash. Whether you are updating one room, having a licensed electrician in Vaughn to install pot lights or pulling down structures and renovating the entire home, we are able to offer disposal services that cater to your needs.

Reliable Waste Disposal Solutionsl

We also offer waste disposal solutions to our clients here in Toronto and the GTA. We offer exceptional customer service respecting the people and property we are hired to keep clean and sanitized. We can remove trash and debris from a commercial or residential property so you don’t have to deal with the mess yourself. We’ve been hired by construction companies, businesses and property owners to remove different kinds of waste and make sure they are responsibly disposed.

At Romano Disposal Services Inc. we discuss the details with you to ensure we’ve got the disposal container that meets your needs. Get in touch for reliable waste disposal solutions in Toronto.

Disposal Services in Toronto and the GTA

As our title indicates, Romano Disposal Services Inc. is the company that provides among the best disposal services Toronto and the GTA. Our competitive low rates are difficult to match and our customer friendly workforce is something that has brought our family business pride during its 50-something years in existence. This is undoubtedly something we will continue to offer as we carry our brand into the future. So long as you live in or around the Toronto area, we will be happy to assist you in your disposal needs. If bins are what you seek, Romano Disposal Services Inc. has a wide array of mixed waste and clean material bins that are available for rental to all sorts of clients including, but not limited to, contractors, homeowners, small businesses and industrial firms. Our bins range from 7 to 40 cubic yards and can handle all sorts of disposable materials.




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Disposal Bins Right for You

Furthermore we have a large fleet of trucks and skilled operators ready to provide you with the right kind of bin as quickly as they possibly can, even if it’s for same day services. With the low rates we offer and the top quality service our customers have come to expect from us, what better reasons are there then to look to us for the finest bin rental offers out there.

Environmentally Sound Services

Because we take environmental sustainability seriously, we are happy to provide recycling services for our customers. Not only do we offer bins that can be used for clean materials like concrete, stone, bricks and asphalt, but we also have a transfer station open to the public 6 days of the week. Although we accept a wide range of disposable materials, we strive to recycle as much as possible and our charges are based on the weight as measured by our certified scale. We do not however accept a number of prohibited items that are toxic or hazardous to the environment, given that we are licensed and approved by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and we take our green policy seriously. It goes without saying that if these aforementioned factors are something you take seriously when looking for the right disposal services in Toronto, then you’ve come to the right place.

For added information or to book a disposal bin for usage within or close to the GTA, you can find our e-mail and phone information on our contact page.

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