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Are there specific jobs that I should consider renting disposal bins for?

Waste management companies know exactly which disposal bins suit different jobs and the type you will need for them. For some projects you may need multiple bins and recycling totes. The type of bins you choose must be fit for your industry and business needs.

Below are examples of industries that could consider using disposal bins:

Home & Renovation

For DIY or home based jobs like landscaping, driveway-friendly bins are ideal to put your waste in and disposal bins are ideal to collect compostable material. For bigger landscaping jobs (as landscaping work varies in terms of size and terrain) you may require different sized bins to suit each project. A bin rental service will save landscapers time and hassle of making multiple trips to dispose of waste at the landfill.


The construction industry generates an enormous amount of waste and many tend to use one bin.
Using one bin for all the waste on a construction site is not a great way to treat the environment because there are so many different materials and items that can be recycled and repurposed. Disposal bins will ensure that items that can be reused or recycled are put in the correct containers.


Repair and roof replacement work is a job that also needs waste management services. Renting disposal bins will enable contractors to operate more efficiently, as they won’t have to spend time at the landfill or worrying about specialist knowledge of how to safely dispose of their waste. Roofing companies do not need to go to their local dump to dispose of waste as the waste management company can take care of disposal for them.


Offices can benefit from waste management services and use recycling totes as thousands of sheets of paper gets trashed daily. Offices can dispose of paper, plastic and cardboard and not have to worry about it being disposed in a non-eco-friendly way, as the waste management company would know exactly what to do with it.

Medical Industry

Medical waste which includes, clinical, dental and pharmaceutical items, would need to be disposed of in a safe way, as some items could pose a risk to the public if mismanaged. Medical waste needs to be kept secure and away from the public because it can be highly infectious.


Hotel businesses are in constant operation, which means they will have constant daily waste from kitchens and rooms. In addition to that, they will also need to get rid or larger items such as old appliances and electronic waste in an environmentally friendly way. The best solution for managing waste is to have regular disposal bins for daily waste and junk removal services when needed. This will help the business run efficiently, as junk wont pile up and become unsafe and unhealthy to others. Also, it makes sense to schedule periodic junk removal services for larger waste items only when you need them.

There are indeed many other specific jobs and industries that could consider renting waste bins but these are some of the most popular ones. Romano can provide you with the best waste management services you need.

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