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If you run a business or live in Scarborough and ever need a disposal bin rental, let Romano Disposal take care of everything for you.



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Disposal Bin Rental Solutions in Scarborough

If you run a business or live in Scarborough and ever need a disposal bin rental, let Romano Disposal take care of everything for you. We provide a range of containers and tools to help you get the job done. Waste can be very troublesome, and needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. We also offer recycling services for clean materials that can be used again.

No Job Is Too Complicated

We have been providing bins of all sizes to companies and homeowners for decades. Don’t think that any job is too small or too large – we have experience with every aspect of waste removal and management.

For homeowners and small business owners, we offer small to medium sized bins that are ideal for general waste disposal as well as the removal of building materials. For construction overseers and big business owners, we offer large bins up to 40 cubic yards.

Our experienced operators will get your bins delivered to you when you need them, even if you need them within 24 hours. We offer services six days a week.

Prohibited Items

To ensure safety of the neighbourhood, there are certain items we are unable to accept at the transfer station: tires, hazardous waste, asbestos, liquid waste, medical waste, batteries, propane tanks, contaminated soil, etc.

We are a licensed and approved by Ontario Ministry of the Environment.



Reasons To Use Bin Rental Services

No matter what kind of waste you need to get rid of, you can expect benefits with disposal bin rentals. If you’re a homeowner or hotel owner, you don’t have to force your guests and/or neighbors to see unsightly garbage piling up. If you are involved in a large construction project, you will be providing workers with a safe environment by getting rid of potentially dangerous rubbish.

Don’t forget how much garbage can stink – especially if there is a large pile of it. You don’t want to go days without having it removed and taken away. Having access to bin rentals when you need them and maintaining a regular waste removal schedule will keep the area nice and clean.

When you choose Romano, you will be doing your part in keeping Scarborough free from pollution. We’ll help you sort through materials that can be recycled, and materials that cannot be.

Efficient Services

Keep the junk out of the way while you focus on getting work done, whether it’s renovation, cleaning, remodeling, or construction. When our bins are at your work site, it’s easy to keep everything organized. When the project is completed, we will give you access to our transfer station in Scarborough. We can arrange for the appropriate materials to be taken to the recycling centers.

Dumping prices are based on weight, which is measured by our certified scale. Transfer station hours are from 7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. The station is also open on Saturday.

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I needed a bin for close to 4 yards of dirt and sod. They delivered 3 days after I called and removed it earlier than quoted when I finished early. The whole process went as smooth as possible and the cost was the least that I found. Definitely recommend.
Donald Baker
Donald Baker
06:05 25 Nov 19
Easy to book, friendly staff, and a smooth process! Would use them again 🙂 Our only hiccup was that the bin arrived was bigger than we ordered, it was a bit too big for our driveway, but they apologized that all smaller bins were rented out and they provided us with a bigger one for the same price. At the end it worked out well, because we had more garbage than we expected and we topped off bigger bin easily.
Joe Andrews
Joe Andrews
01:20 25 Nov 19
They were the best price I could find on a smaller 7 yard dumpster. They were very accommodating when I had to change my timeline with only three days notice, and once I did need the bin, they had it to my place within 24 hours, and when I called for early pickup, it was gone within 24 hours. They were VERY easy to deal with a friendly on the phone. Thank you!
Ina Ristiana
Ina Ristiana
23:34 23 Nov 19
Terrific experience all around! I called late on Wednesday afternoon and by 7:00am Saturday morning a bin was sitting in my driveway.  The customer service I received from Rina was excellent, courteous and professional.  The driver went beyond to ensure that the bin was in the perfect spot.  We will definitely be repeat customers and will recommend to our family and friends!
Joe Pacheco
Joe Pacheco
02:29 09 Oct 19

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Open Saturdays / Closed Sundays


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Please submit the form below and one of our specialist will get back to you with more information and pricing: