Disposal Bin Services in Etobicoke

Whether you have old furniture, construction materials, garbage, or any other type of waste you need to dispose of, we offer bins of all shapes and sizes.


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Disposal Bin Services in Toronto

Romano is a bin rental and junk removal company servicing Etobicoke residences and businesses of all sizes. Whether you have old furniture, construction materials, garbage, or any other type of waste you need to dispose of, we offer bins of all shapes and sizes. The entire process is easy and hassle-free with our roll-off bins and accessible back doors.

What Kinds of Projects Require Disposal Bin Rental?

Our bins are ideal for any project or environment that involves a pile up of waste, whether it’s a one-time thing or ongoing. Homeowners may find that a remodeling or renovation project can result in a lot of rubbish. How are you going to get rid of those old walls or the porch? Where should all of the old wood or concrete go? This is where we come in. Waiting for the local waste management company to come and pick everything up might not be a good idea – especially if some of the material can be recycled.

For businesses and construction sites, we offer a variety of options, including environmentally-friendly services. There are some types of materials that should not be mixed with one another. We will assess your needs and provide you with the right type of bin for each specific material.

Is Bin Rental Right for Your Business?

Any type of business can benefit from waste management and disposal services. If you run a small business and don’t produce much waste, it’s still good to be prepared in the event that you have to do renovation. Renting a bin is also recommended for hauling off old furniture or office equipment too large for local trash pickup to collect.

Throwing out a lot of waste can be harmful as it increases the risk of pests and hazards. It’s important to get rid of it quickly and in the safest manner possible. With Romano rentals, you can do just that.

What to Consider When Scheduling a Pickup

Pay attention to how frequently your bin overflows. If the rubbish piles up more quickly than the weekly municipal waste management can dispose of it, then you may want to consider a bin rental.  Clearing out all of the debris from a renovation project quickly will make it easier for the project to be completed.

If you are unsure about whether a particular material can be recycled, just ask us. Our knowledgeable staff will come up with a waste disposal and recycling solution that is ideal for your needs. We will also let you know whether it would be safe to dispose of multiple materials in the same bin.

Waste that is not dealt with properly can lead to accidents – especially if you leave it on your property. It must be hauled away and disposed of. Bin rental services ensure that potentially dangerous items are taken away quickly to prevent accidents.

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Benefits of Choosing Romano Disposal Services

We have been keeping customers in Etobicoke happy for over 50 years. Working with us is your best bet for any type of waste removal and management. Our bins are available in four different sizes, so you can be sure that there is one small or large enough to suit your needs.
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