Demolition waste can easily come in volumes depending on the size of the building meaning that you will have a lot of debris on your hands ranging from metal, wood, glass, wires and concrete. Managing this waste can be a challenge that could easily slow you down and so planning right from the beginning is the best way to go. Going for disposal companies is a great idea especially on this scale and that’s why the best garbage dump Toronto company will do the trick. Most companies will handle everything right from demolition all the way to recycling making them the best choice if you are looking to save some money out of the demolition process. They are also ideal if you have a building fitted with expensive gadgets that you would like to salvage for later use. Here are a few things you can do with the demolition waste.

Recycle It

One of the main reasons for pulling down a structure is to set up a better one. The concrete used is always the same meaning that you can easily recycle it as gravel at any construction level due to its integrity. Recycling it on site by crushing it using specialized dumpsters will help cut costs because it can later be used to level out land and set out paving. Metal can be melted and new products created out of it while wood is ground to create different composites that can be used on site. The glass and wires can also be used to create new products for the whole phase making everything much cheaper in the long run.

Re-use It

Demolition doesn’t have to be totally destructive; items that are in good condition can simply be reused. Soil can be re-used to create gardens while concrete used as gravel for other projects within the main project. Metal and wires can be reset if they are still in a good state but the usability of the materials will be largely dependent on their condition. Glass windows can be well dismantled and the same glass cut to fit into the new structure and in other instances items re-sold at a different level without necessarily recycling. Demolition waste may also include furniture and electrical fittings that were in the buildings. These if well preserved can turn into a fortune if they are not preferred for use at the same site.

Taking stock of your demolition waste is a good way to save time and money when putting up a new structure on the same site.




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