Do you have an old refrigerator in your home or business that you need to discard? Don’t go through the hassle of removing the appliance on your own. Hire a professional construction waste disposal company to handle all the heavy-lifting for you. We can assure you that a refrigerator is not only heavy but can also be classified as toxic waste if not properly disposed. So if you need to get rid of your old refrigerator quickly and with no hassles, it’s very important to hire a professional removal service.

Why You Need A Removal Service?

A refrigerator can be difficult to transport on your own. Where will you take it for recycling or disposal? Avoid giving yourself the extra work and hire a professional construction waste disposal company to help you out. The removal process can be done quickly and easily because the contractors come with all the tools and manpower needed to lift and transport the refrigerator.

You should never struggle alone to get that old or unwanted appliance from your home or place of business. Junk removal companies can help you regardless of the size of refrigerator or type you own. Whether you have a double door fridge or a simple single door refrigerator with a small freezer, removal needs to be done with care. You need assistance if your fridge is too big or too bulky to handle on your own.

What Happens When The Refrigerator Is Removed?

This will depend on different factors. If the refrigerator was still in good and workable condition, then it can be donated and reused. There are so many facilities that rely on donated appliances in their day to day operations. If you have a refrigerator that you simply don’t use, request for a removal service to collect it and donate it where it will be used.

The other option is to have the refrigerator recycled. The different parts of the refrigerator can be dismantled and recycled to form other products. For instance, if there are plastic parts on the refrigerator, they are collected and taken to recyclers who will use them to formulate other materials.

Why Refrigerator Recycling Is Important

A construction waste dump company will ensure that your refrigerator is properly disposed so that it doesn’t release any harmful chemicals to the environment. You never want your refrigerator to end up in a landfill because of the negative impact it may have on the environment. For this reason, recyclers will ensure that the process is done responsibly.

Refrigerators contain so many electrical and chemical components that may be toxic if not disposed properly. Most refrigerators use a component known as Freon in order to remain cold. This substance, especially if you have a refrigerator that was made in the 90s, is very toxic and known to deplete the ozone layer if not disposed of responsibly. Replacing your old refrigerator with a modern energy efficient appliance that doesn’t contain toxic Freon will help to safeguard our environment. Proper refrigerator recycling will protect people, animals and plants from toxic chemicals and electrical components.




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