With millions of tons of drywall produced every year, it’s unfortunate that only a small fraction of it ends up being recycled. Drywall is a common material used in construction that is made using gypsum among other materials. It is used to create walls in homes and businesses and is mostly preferred by contractors due to its affordability and ease of installation.

What Is Drywall?

Gypsum is the primary component in drywall that is used today. It is a naturally occurring substance that consists of calcium sulfate and water. The material has strong properties such as its ability to resist fire, which makes it an excellent choice for construction projects. Drywall sheets come in different sizes from 4 to 12 feet in length.

Why Drywall Should Be Recycled

It’s important to ensure that the drywall waste you have after construction doesn’t end up in the landfills. When the drywall gets wet, sulfates will slowly get into the draining water and if consumed, it may result in serious diarrhea. Gypsum is also known to produce hydrogen sulfite and sulfur dioxide gas under certain conditions. This gas has a bad smell and is also very toxic. Add this to the fact that recycling drywall has some economic value because it can be used to create new products and you have good reasons to recycle drywall.

How To Recycle Drywall

Gypsum that is present in drywall can be used in so many ways. But before you even get to using the drywall waste, sorting is done to ensure recycling is fast and efficient. The recycling company will eliminate any contaminants that may be present in the drywall. This includes substances such as nails, screws and paper that may be present on the gypsum. Note that, when paper is left in the drywall it tends to hinder its ability to resist fire when it is recycled. The remaining drywall can then be ground into a powder or turned into pellets. This material is then sold to different manufacturers who use it to make products such as new drywall.

Trust An Expert For Drywall Removal And Recycling

It’s always important to speak to your remodeling contractor if you have a drywall project. A contractor can help you to plan the recycling and removal process of the drywall. He/she may advice on where to take the drywall for recycling. In most cases, recycling is only done for the new drywall projects which include unfinished cuts of drywall that don’t have any tape, mud, paint or any other products that are used when installing it.

A professional construction waste disposal company will be able to advice you on what to do with used drywall. Sometimes the used drywall will be taken to the landfill because of the tape, paint, mud and other coatings that were used during construction. Some of them don’t come out completely and could compromise the state of the drywall if recycled. Different kinds of construction waste dump are disposed of differently depending on the impact they have on the environment.




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