Improper waste disposal comes with some really harmful effects some of which may be felt earlier while others take time. It is widely known that a huge percentage of wastes from homes are toxic; therefore the most reliable garbage dump Toronto has will have stringent mechanisms on how to deal with toxic wastes. These include bleaches, solvents, plastics and paper; yet most people will have recycling bins right outside their homes but still choose not to use them. Here are some of the effects that come with improper disposal of waste.

Waste that is disposed improperly is a sore to the eye and this not only affects the aesthetic value of a state but its economy as well. States with waste lying around will be avoided as these are breeding grounds for other negative issues including diseases and environmental strains.

Improper disposal of waste will also cause harm to animals since they rely on the environment to survive. Most will eat vegetation and the rest will eat those that do and so the effects can be easily passed from one animal to another no matter the level in the food chain- these unfortunately include human beings. Fish and reptiles are also hugely dependent on water and so oil spills and leaching of chemicals will damage the water ecosystem causing death to them directly and indirectly. Chemicals that leach into the landfills find their way into plants that are finally consumed by animals and humans.

Burning any kind of disposable waste leads to an overall breach in the ozone causing a number of issues. Plastics also produce carcinogenic substances well known for damaging the reproductive system and growth, besides cancers. Most chronic and dangerous diseases that affect a huge population are actually brought about by environmental factors. Many of these ailments are derived from chemicals that seeped into water plants and cultivation fields. The air can also be very easily contaminated causing lasting effects. Unfortunately, some of these diseases are passed on due to the mutation of genes causing serious genetic problems.

Improper disposal of harmful wastes also directly affects the economy. It costs states more to deal with side effects such as health crisis, environmental programs and the lack of employment muscle due to death. This generally cripples members of the state that would be otherwise very productive.

It is important that measures are taken to deal with harmful waste. And it needs to start with the individual at home to make a difference.




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