Have you just finished renovating your home or place of business? Chances are that you have lots of debris to get rid of; it happens with all renovation projects. You must make sure the waste is disposed correctly after you’re done renovating any given space. If you are currently in confusion regarding what to do with different kinds of wastes after your renovation project, the information we’ll share below should help you. We’ll take a look at 7 common materials that need to be disposed after renovations or constructions and how to take care of them.


If you have leftover pieces of timber after completing renovations, no need to worry. You can always store these pieces and use them in your next remodeling project. Alternatively, you can have your local construction waste dump company get the wood and recycle it into chips and scraps which can be used to make card board and other items.


Drywall needs to be properly disposed or recycled in order to reduce its impact on the environment. Old drywall can be reused to make new drywall and other gypsum products. There are some landfills that will not accept drywall which means that recycling is a better option. The thing with drywall is that you need to ensure it is properly handled. Move it to the side during construction to make sure the gypsum doesn’t contaminate the rest of your waste.


This includes things like nails, equipment and tools that are made of metal. Just keep them aside together and it will be easier to recycle them all at once. Metals are usually considered very easy to recycle. You can have the local waste disposal company collect them for recycling.


This is probably the hardest items to dispose of. First, you must ensure you sort out the plastics according to their type. You can do a little research online to check the different types of plastics available to make your work of sorting them out easier. If you are not sure what type of plastic you have to dispose just keep a pile that the disposal company will assess again.


Commonly used in roofing, asphalt is one of the substances that can be easily recycled. Asphalt can be used in repairing roads or designing new shingles. You need to stack the asphalt separately when sorting the construction waste to make the recycling easy. It’s quite easy to stack asphalt when renovating your property.


You don’t really have to get rid of any bricks that you never used during your renovation project. If you have space, consider storing them to use in your next renovation. Alternatively, have a construction waste disposal company take the bricks, especially the broken ones, and they can be recycled and reused in other construction projects.


Concrete is a waste material that often results from most construction and demolition projects. It can be a bit difficult to dispose due to its weight. To keep it out of landfills, make sure concrete is collected by your local waste disposal company and it can be reused to make gravel or road construction materials.




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