Most people are now recycling asphalt shingles instead of sending them as waste to the landfill. Many property owners use shingles as a roofing material but the process of construction or renovation can result in so much waste. The shingles can be obtained from roof tear-offs and then recycled to make other products.

Why Recycle Asphalt Shingles?

To start with, recycling asphalt shingles is economically viable. You get new products that can be sold or reused in construction projects. Additionally, recycling shingles is very convenient. You can get a construction waste disposal company to remove and recycle the waste for you with no hassles. Last but not least, shingle recycling helps to safeguard our environment by preventing these products from being sent to the landfill.

How Recycled Shingles Can Be Used

When asphalt shingles are recycled, they can be used to make different products. For instance, there are companies that will use the used shingles in making pavement. This actually reduces the cost of paving by creating a material that is not only ecofriendly but also affordable. Asphalt shingles, when added to pavement, can make the resulting product more durable and strong. It’s no wonder it’s used in making roofing and road maintenance products.

If you just finished renovating your roof and you need to dispose of extra asphalt shingles, the first thing you can do is to research for a recycler nearby. Most locations have their own local recyclers who are able to take the asphalt shingles and offer the recycling service. Do thorough research about any local recycling site before you decide to work with them.

Using A Construction Waste Disposal Company

You can also carry out a smart demolition process to salvage items such as mirrors, tubs and sinks for a garage sale. This will also save you money in the process since these items can be easily re-used in the same or other projects elsewhere. It is also a good opportunity to come up with creative ideas using what has been dismantled instead of simply throwing it away.

Renovating a bathroom needs to be well laid out right from budgeting to disposal. It saves time, money and the environment in the end.




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