What You Need to Understand About the Cafe Grease Trap

By March 16, 2018Blog
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Whether you love it flat white or black, coffee is part of most people’s daily ritual and lifestyle. Coffee not only awakens your senses but also gives you more focus at work. All in all, as you make coffee at home or the office, it is imperative that you understand a few things about the café grease trap. This is more so if you are in the catering business. Giving this component the best care will not only ensure you get great coffee every day but also help you care for the environment.

How to keep the Grease Trap from Damaging Your Business

The main problem that people face when it comes to the grease traps is the component overflowing or giving a foul smell. If you run a coffee business, these problems can be damaging to your business more so during the peak season. You do not have to toss the component into the waste bin rental when it starts misbehaving. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that this problem never affects your business.

The grease trap is the component that prevents grease and food waste from clogging the water pipes in the business and the water network. The grease trap is a mandatory requirement for businesses serving food. This component filters the grease as waste goes into the sink. You need to contact a grease trap cleaning firm to clean this component regularly. The company pumps out the traps contents to make sure it is not blocked.

How Often Should You Clean It?

The frequency of cleaning the grease trap depends on how often you use and the frequency that has been set by the local water authority in your area. The water authority makes calculations based on the food that is served in the premise as well as how big the café and the grease trap is. Servicing is mostly done once every couple of months.

What Causes Overflow

As aforementioned, overflows are the main problems seen in the grease trap. It is very easy for you to panic when you see this problem. There are basically two main causes of overflows.

Poor Cleaning

The first is the most obvious reason. If you don’t clean the grease trap properly and on schedule, you will at one point in time have to deal with the overflow problem. This happens because the grease trap is clogged by solid grease. As a result, the oily water will be forced to move back up. This can be messy especially in the kitchen.

Plumbing Blockage

Before you toss the grease trap into the bin rental, you have to consider the fact that the problem may be a result of plumbing blockage. The component can be in perfect working condition but if the pipes in your plumbing system are damaged, an overflow will be seen.

For your grease trap to work properly, you must plan for regular maintenance. A blocked grease trap will not only cause overflow but also increase the risk of damage. Never miss a scheduled maintenance.