What Goes into the Recycling Waste Bin?

By March 16, 2018Blog
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Caring for the environment is a top priority all over the world. More and more people are learning about the impact of dumping waste in landfills and governments are promoting recycling. As a business, you should also consider this option. As you may already know, recycling is much cheaper than dumping waste at the landfills. This is because of the high landfill levy. As a business, you can promote the environment by making use of the recycling bin rental. The big question, however, that most people have is what goes into these waste bins.

Rule of Thumb

The recycling bins are suitable for all manner of businesses including cafes and offices. The good thing is that the bins can contain mixed items such as metal cans, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and so on. All in all, when placing these items in the bins, it is good to sort them properly. For example, you should not put bottles and cans in plastic bags into the bins. Most trucks will reject your waste if you do this.

The items that can go into almost any recycling bin rental are paper, cans, plastic and tins. Wax and absorbable paper such as baking paper, tissues, coffee cups and serviettes should, however, not be placed in these bins. The same goes for the soft crunchable plastics like pasta, plastic bread, biscuit trays and veggie packaging. Other items that you can put in the recycling bin are glass jars and bottles. Glassware, plate glass, light bulbs and ovenproof glass should not be placed in the bin.

The reason why some trucks will not take the contents of the recycling bin rental is that some items cannot be processed properly by the sorting machines. Placing plastic bags that have been contaminated with toxic chemicals is also not something you should do when placing items in the recycle bin. This is because such items will put the workers in the recycling plant at risk. Place these items in a different bin and label them properly.

Another thing you should do is to scrape off food left behind in the plastic items before placing them in the recycling bin. Scrape but don’t wash. You will also do the recycling company a huge favor if you separate different materials before putting them in the bin. For example, you can remove the plastic wrap or lid from plastic containers before placing them in the bin.

Last but not least, you should consider putting the small things together. Small items such as plastic lids, metal beer bottle lids and bits of paper can be recycled if they are put together to make a large item. Most recycling companies don’t like small items because they easily get lost in the sorting machine and they can cause cross contamination or even damage the machine.


These are some important points you need to consider when deciding on what to put in your recycling bin. If in doubt, leave the items out. Contamination is a major issue. If you don’t know where a certain item should go, simply place it in the waste bin.