Residential Waste Disposal Tips for you, the Garbage Man, and the Environment

By December 21, 2018Blog
Residential Waste Disposal

If residential waste disposal is to work as it should in conserving the environment, you and the garbage man need to be on the same page. If you do your part, the garbage man will have an easy job and will get all the waste where it is supposed to go for recycling. Waste disposal is not as straightforward as it seems – chemistry, science, and safety considerations have to be made. Here are a few tips to make the waste disposal seamless:

  • Have recycle bins and sort out your trash. This seems obvious, but it is not for many people.
  • Reduce food wastage. A big percentage of what is bought at grocery stores ends up in the trash. You could become less wasteful by only buying what you need and eating food that is nearing expiry first. You could also try incorporating leftovers into new dishes.
  • To prevent foul odour and to make garbage lighter for easy loading onto garbage tracks, drill holes into the bottom of your outdoor garbage containers. Holes allow garbage juice and rainwater to drain out easily.
  • Invest in critter-proof locks to prevent rats, raccoons, and squirrels from getting into your garbage cans and leaving a mess. Critter-proof locks ensure the lid is always clamped down.
  • Clean out the garbage bins once the garbage has been taken away with a hose. A clean garbage bin will not only make the garbage man pleasantly surprised, but it will also keep vermin away.You can also rent a bin in Toronto.
  • Ensure you only buy items with recyclable packaging containers. You can tell by looking out for the “recycle” sign on the packaging container.
  • Prepare recyclable items for proper disposal. This includes washing out metal cans and containers that once held food to prevent recycling plants from refusing them, flattening cardboard boxes to create more space in your recycling bin and for easy recycling, and taking old computers, phones, and other electronic gadgets to retail locations that accept e-waste.
  • Many people are unfamiliar with the safe handling of hazardous waste, including hazardous liquids, sludge, and gases. If you have hazardous waste, do not put it in garbage disposal bins or flush it down the drain or the toilet. Sign up for its collection with the relevant municipal body.
  • If you have a garden, compost all food remains and other organic matter and use it in your garden.
  • Donate items that are still usable to local non-profit organizations. There are always organizations ready to take slightly used clothing and household items like furniture.
  • Finally, whenever you are doing a project that generates a lot of waste such as landscaping, remodeling, and cleaning out the garage, consider hiring a dumpster. Dumpsters come in different sizes and are dropped and picked by dumpster rental companies once you are done. At Romano Disposal Services Inc., we lease out dumpsters measuring 7, 14, 20 and 40 cubic yards. We also do bin rental in Toronto and elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

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