What Makes the Large Waste Bins Cost Effective?

By March 16, 2018Blog
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Whether you are remodeling, demolishing an old structure or constructing a new building, you have to plan for waste disposal. There is a huge amount of waste involved in construction projects. Some of these materials can be recycled whereas others cannot. Whatever the case might be, it is good to find the best waste bin rental ahead of time. However, when doing this, you need to note that regular, scheduled collections of the waste bins are much cheaper than a one-off waste bin service. This post takes a look at why this is the case.

Large Waste Bins

When using the large dumpsters, one large bin is delivered and left on site for you to put in your waste. A larger bin is about 30 cubic meters in size. It is left on site for a specified period of time. It will then be picked up by a dedicated truck. The total cost will be split between delivery or the transport components and the disposal on ton basis. The ton rates vary from one company to another.

This type of waste disposal is more suitable for the one-off or the infrequent services. You can also continue using the waste bin for as long as you want and contact the disposal company once it is filled up. Unlike using smaller bins that have to be removed every now and then, a larger bin will save you money. This is because you will not have to pay for too much transport costs and bin deliveries.

Pick the Right Bin

Just because you are going for the large bin rental Toronto does not mean you make your choice blindly. It is very important that you base the choice on your project needs. For example, if yours is a small project, you can save money renting the 1.5 cubic meters instead of the larger 4.5 cubic meter bin.

In addition to that, you have to consider how the bin is sealed. If you are dealing with dusty waste such as asbestos, you will need a bin that has been designed to handle that type of waste. The last thing you want is to be held liable for pollution. You also want a bin that will not be problematic when putting waste into it. Take some time to go through the available bin options and select the one that will be more practical for you.

Why Large Bins?

As you may already know, organizing a large bin will help you incur less waste removal costs for all types of general waste as well as recycling streams. The large bin is not removed as frequently as with smaller bins. There are also options where the waste bin is just flipped into the waste truck to be emptied then returned for more waste collection. This helps reduce the cost of collection for your business.

Although the initial rental cost might be higher than that of smaller bins, the larger bin will ultimately save you more time and money. Find the bin rental that is ideal for your project.