How to Deal with the Menacing Textile Waste

By March 16, 2018Blog
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If you are passionate about fashion, you may not be aware of the waste management problems that are caused by textiles as well as the low recycling rates. Clothing has become cheaper than ever before. As a result, it is common to see people buy clothes to wear for a season or for a single night out. But have you thought of where these clothes go afterward? While it is reasonable for clothes to be donated to charity or recycled, clothes are still a major cause of waste management problems.

Why is Textile a Big Issue?

Studies show that people buy an average of 27 kilograms of textile every year and of that 23 kilograms are discarded into landfills. What is even worse is the fact that two-thirds of the discarded clothing is made of synthetic or plastic fibers. Plastic takes one of the longest times to decompose.

Textile is a big issue because the current generation cannot do without new clothes. How many times have you ended up in a shopping spree for new clothes not because you don’t have enough clothes but just because you want to benefit from the discounted prices?

All in all, it is good to note that the real problem here is the lack of demand for recycling textiles. There are not many companies that are committed to recycling. Even though textile industries use recycling bin rental, most of the clothes in these bins end up in the landfill. There is no demand for low quality or manmade textiles.


The only solution that seems to be bearing fruits is the option of donations. This is where you give the clothes you no longer use to charities. Donations have been found to save up to 7,500 tons of textile waste from the landfill each year.

Even so, charities don’t use just any piece of clothing. Most charities only accept good quality new or near-new wearable clothes. The clothes need to be clean and should not be stained or ripped. The reason for this is because items that are new or near-new are in high demand and easy to move. Most of the charities take the clothes and sell them at discounted prices in an effort to raise money for the community they serve. Even after donations, most of these clothes end up being thrown away thus filling up the landfills.

The textile industry is an important one but it has had a significant impact on the environment. The big problem is that we cannot do without textiles and we can’t continue wearing worn-out clothes. At one point in time, these clothes will have to be discarded. The best solution to this problem is to extend the life of your garments. You need to care for them and use them as long as you can. The textile companies should also make use of the recycling bin rental. All the textile waste should be put in one place and a recycling company contacted to help with waste disposal.