How do Bin Rentals Help Conserve the Environment?

By December 23, 2018Blog
Bin Rentals Help Conserve the Environment

Bin Rentals In Toronto

Bin rentals have many benefits, one being enabling you to do your part in cleaning the environment and bringing down your carbon footprint. So, how does bin rentals in Toronto help you in this?

1. Preventing toxic emissions

Some people opt for incineration of garbage to avoid paying for garbage removal fees. However, this leads to the release of ozone-depleting toxic fumes which are the major contributor to global warming. Plastic is the most abundant type of waste. Burning it leads to the release of hazardous gases. With proper waste disposal using bins, toxic waste and biohazards will end up in factories which incinerate trash in a controlled environment for minimum emission of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other fumes. If you are conscious about your carbon footprint, you need bins.

2. Preventing water pollution

If you do not properly contain waste, there is a risk that it will end up in water catchment areas, leading to water pollution. Old medicines, hazardous chemicals, and other harmful items are often flushed down the toilet or down the drain and they often end up in community waterways. A good garbage disposal company will either assist you to get rid of chemicals and other toxic materials and if it does not, it will guide you on proper disposal methods.

3. Reducing the consumption of natural resources

Bins allow you to segregate materials. The waste can then be reused, repurposed, or recycled, thereby eliminating the need to rely on fresh raw materials. This is good for the environment because mining to extract raw materials is bad for the environment since it leads to harmful emissions, pollution, soil erosion, and energy wastage.

As an example, research shows that recycling just 1 tonne of mixed paper saves 15 to 17 trees, 165 gallons of gasoline, 7,000 gallons of water, and the equivalent of 6 months of energy consumption.

4. Proper trash removal and disposal

With bin rentals in Toronto, all your trash will be disposed properly in the bin. Bins are easy to load onto garbage trucks for easy disposal and you will be sure most of it will end up in the landfill. Bins can be closed to keep vermin and smell away. Without bins, there is a risk of having garbage all over the place, exposing you to health risks. Without a bin, there is a risk of some of the garbage like plastic paper bags being blown away.

5. Reduced impact from electronic waste

Electronic waste (e-waste) has a negative impact on the environment as well as human health. Research shows that manufacturing 3,000 computers for a large corporation requires 74 tonnes of industrial chemicals, 1.3 million kilograms of fossil fuel, and 7 million litres of water. Refurbishment and reusing e-waste is, therefore, the better option compared to sending e-waste to landfills. Bins allow for proper segregation of e-waste.

Final Note

Segregate your waste well so that it ends up in the right place. If you are moving dangerous materials such as aerosol cans and lead paints, talk to your garbage disposal company for tips on how to handle the waste.