How to Boost Office Recycling

By March 16, 2018Blog
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Offices are great places to work. They can also be dull and be the source of a huge amount of waste. Getting a recycling bin rental does not guarantee that your employees will be pro-recycling. The key to boosting recycling has always been adding some aspect of friendly competition or fun. Doing this also causes your staff to be engaged in the process. This post takes a look at some of the best tips you can use to boost office recycling.

Use a Waste Audit

To know how much waste your office produces, you will need to do an audit. Make use of the building waste audit. It will give you a baseline. Start with a common base so that your staff can track improvements in recycling.

Use Educational Tools

It is one thing to ask your staff to use the recycle bins and for them to actually do so. To encourage office recycling, you will have to educate your team on the importance of recycling. Explain to them what the bins are there for and how they can potentially benefit them. You also need to educate them on what goes where and how.

Use Letter Grades

To encourage your staff to keep using the recycling bin rental, you will have to show them that their efforts are paying off. The easiest way of doing this is to use the letter grades. This will help everyone understand the gradual improvements that you are making.

Encourage Healthy Competition

Healthy competitions are not only fun but they will also cause your staff to be more focused on office recycling. People love beating their neighbors. Divide your office into small sensible units such as departments or floors. You should then allow the departments or floors to compete.

Get the Staff Involved

To effectively promote office recycling, you will need to involve your staff in the planning. Don’t make all the decisions for them. Encourage the staff to take ownership and to get involved. You will be amazed by the new ideas you end up getting. For example, someone can recommend using brightly colored waste bins or posters. That will make it hard to miss the bin rental Toronto.

Create Recycling Forums

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t need to call for a staff meeting every time you want to address a simple issue. You can set-up office forums designed for answering questions. You also need an online FAQ to answer most of the questions that your staff might have such as, ‘can coffee cups be recycled?’

Post Progress Regularly

Your staff needs to know if their efforts are paying off. Consider coming up with a league table or even weekly five minutes’ meet-up.

Celebrate the Little Successes

The progress made in office recycling can be used in team building. Don’t forget to celebrate the small successes. This will encourage your team to do more.

These simple tips will get you started in the right direction when promoting office recycling. Don’t forget to pick the right recycling company to dispose the waste.