Best Waste Management Developments around the World

By March 16, 2018Blog
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Saving the planet is the main priority today all over the world. This is why green energy and recycling has been given so much attention. Experts are also brainstorming new ideas to help save the planet even faster. Recently, a video was published on BBC Future website. The video covered four main ideas regarding the revolution of international waste and the recycling industries.

The video highlighted the major problems that the world faces in relation to waste and recycling. It also gave shocking statistics such as in 2010, 3.5 million tons of waste was produced every day and that amount is projected to triple by 2100. Another shocking report was that 43% of the plastic waste still finds its final home in the landfill; with an estimated 20 million tons of the plastic in the ocean. These reports gave birth to four key ideas on recycling.

Roads That are Made of Recyclables

We will always need roads. Why not find a way of building roads using recyclables. This is an idea that has been realized in Tamil Nadu in India. The local government here has converted five years-worth of plastic waste into a pavement for 1000 kilometers of roads. This is something that any government around the world can do. At the end of the day, you will be guaranteed that the waste you place in the recycling bin rental does not end up in landfills for lack of better disposal options.

Incinerate the Waste for Energy

Most of the waste products are combustible. Why not consider incineration of waste for energy? Austria leads the way in this area. Waste is shipped from Rome to Austria where it is then burnt to power homes. A whopping 70,000 tons of waste is burnt in the power plant to produce energy for 170,000 homes. Incineration to produce energy is not something new in the world. Many developed countries have been using this method. All that needs to be done is to burn more waste instead of fossil fuel to generate electricity.

Pulverizing E-waste

This is a more advanced solution that offers great promises. The high tech idea is meant to pulverize the e-waste into Nano-sized particles. This is a technique that will save many countries such as Ghana where millions of tons of e-waste have been dumped.

Linking Recycling to The Healthcare

Yes, this is a method that can be used to encourage recycling. This is more so when you consider that not everyone that has a recycling bin rental uses it. Some people cannot even afford these bins. In Indonesia, the insurance companies are turning things around. The Garbage Clinical Insurance allows people living under the poverty line to collect waste and deliver it to recycling centers in exchange for healthcare services. This is a great way to encourage the nation to recycle.

New and better ideas on how to improve recycling are being conceived almost every day. You just need to keep your ear on the ground for more ideas. If you have a great idea, don’t hesitate to share it with the world.