7 Reasons to Go for a Dumpster Alternative Rental

By December 19, 2018Blog
Bin rental in Toronto

There are situations that call for heavy-duty garbage disposal dumpsters. These include home renovation projects, when clearing your garage or shed, and when getting rid of bulky items such as old furniture. Dumpster alternative rentals have several benefits:

1. Dumpsters for every need

Your garbage bins will not be enough for large amounts of debris and other trash and your local garbage disposal company will not appreciate having to pick up large piles of trash. Different projects produce different amounts of waste. With dumpster rental alternatives, you can go for the exact size you need. At Romano Disposal Services Inc., our dumpsters are available in 4 sizes; 7, 14, 20 and 40 cubic yards.

2. Convenience

Bin rental in Toronto give you unparalleled convenience. It is our responsibility to bring the dumpster to you, to lay down wooden slates where it will be placed, to install the bin, and to guide you on how to use it. This allows you to focus on your project.

Once the project is over, we will come for the container and ensure we leave the site better than we found it. We have a team available throughout the lease to offer any assistance that you may require.

3. Environmental conservation

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and to conserve the environment, a dumpster rental alternative allows you to achieve this. With a dumpster, all your waste that can be recycled will be recycled (instead of going to a landfill as it would when using your local garbage disposal company). This waste includes:

  • Demolition and construction waste
  • Paper and cardboard that goes to pulp mills
  • Plastics
  • Clean wood that is ground into chips and used to power biomass power plants
  • Concrete
  • Scrap metal

4. Avoiding conflict with your neighbours

Communal dumpsters are often dingy and rusty and they often ruin the aesthetic appeal of the neighbourhood. There is also a risk of your neighbours complaining. Bin rental in Toronto, on the other hand, are painted, modern-looking and clean and you will never hear complaints. The fact that you can have a dumpster rental in the exact size you require means it will be discreet and there’s little risk of neighbours complaining.

5. Improved safety

Dumpsters are larger than your garbage disposal bins and can take debris and trash of any size. This is important in reducing the risk of tripping, exposure and other dangers at job sites and at home.

6. Better compliance and reduced legal exposure

When dealing with a professional dumpster rental company like Romano Disposal Services Inc., you are sure that the current laws and regulations will be applied when disposing of your trash. You also reduce the risk of litigation.

7. Advice on toxic waste disposal

At Romano Disposal Services Inc., we will guide you on how to handle toxic waste. Proper handling of toxic waste is important for your health and for protecting the environment.

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