The idea of spring cleaning is great bit seems a bit misplaced when winter cleaning should be a priority considering you are going to be indoors for months after having all your windows and AC open all summer. Winter cleaning is a great way to prepare for the oncoming cold winter months when little can be done in the way to cleaning once it gets all chilly and cold outside. You can even rent a disposal bin from a rental bin Toronto company to throw away all the garbage you may have accumulated in your home over time. Here are a few tips you could use for your cleaning.

Sort Out Your Closet

You may be keeping many items in your closed that you do not actually need. You can sort out your closet into three categories: to keep, to throw and to give away. Sort out your clothes according to what actually fits, looks good and is in good condition so you can get rid of anything else. You can trash clothes that are worn out or damaged and donate the ones that do not fit but are still in great condition. Do the same for your shoes and remember to clean the ones you decide to keep before putting them back into the closet.

Sort Out Your Documents

You need to sort out all your paper work, documents and magazines as well. With the modern era of cloud storage, you may find most of the papers you have lying around the home are already available in electronic form. Sort out old receipts, important receipts, important documents like certificates, licenses and deeds and set aside a the paperwork that you do not need including old magazines and cartons. Getting rid of all these can help you free up a lot of shelf space in your house.

Clean Out Your Kitchen

Next room is the kitchen and probably where you will find the bulk of items to trash. Go through all the products in your pantry especially items that are expired or close to the expiry dates. Throw away anything that is past the usage date and do the same for your fridge as well. You should also get rid of old cleaning supplies that are expired usually stored under your sink or under the counter kitchen cabinets.


Finally, finish out with the garage, this probably where you will spend the bulk of your time. Clean out heated floors and cobwebs. While organizing use as much vertical space as possible on the walls to free up more floor space.




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