The garage is meant for parking the car but it is funny how many people rarely use it for this function. For most family homes, the garage is more of a storage space than a parking area for vehicles. Most cars spend more time in the driveway while piles of boxes of old Christmas decorations, baby clothes and toys fill up every inch of space in the garage. Great news is you can rent a disposal bin from a rental bin Toronto company to help you get rid of the piles of unwanted and unnecessary things from your garage.

Before you start organizing your garage, take everything out. Working with a blank canvas will allow you to get more creative with how to use the space you have and what you actually need in that space. When it comes to deciding what to keep, donate or throw away, it is very easy to find yourself clinging to items that you do not actually need. In case you are not sure about whether to keep, donate or throw away an item, ask yourself the following questions and equally answer them honestly.

Do I love it?

Do I need it?

When was the last time I used it? Was it within the past six months?

Can another person use it safely?

You will be extremely satisfied once you manage to cleat out all the filth from your garage. Your car will be thankful for it too. Some of the things you should expect to get rid of from your garage include:

Old Shoes

The garage is often a graveyard for old shoes. Shoes with broken heels, shoe that do not fit anymore, shoes with worn out soles and so many shoes that you do not need. You could try sorting out the salvageable shoes for donation. But anything else that you do not need should be put in the bin. All the shoes you need to wear are already in your closet anyway.

Anything Expired

The garage is also home to a lot of expired items. Once they are stored in there, it is quite easy to forget them past the use by date. Things like cleaning supplies, fertilizer, batteries and motor oil could be well past the use by date but still unopened in the garage. You will need to package the flammable items such as old paint and motor oil separately for safety purposes.

Anything Broken

If it is broken and you have not fixed it for over a year or cannot fix it, then you definitely do not need it. Let it all go and put it in the bin. This also goes for any unfinished project that you started.




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