Renting a dumpster can be quite helpful during your home projects like demolitions, renovations and home repairs among others. Dumpster rental companies will provide the size of dumpster required to handle all the old construction materials, broken glass, debris and other trash swept up from the construction project. The dumpster rental is a handy tool since your regular trash can may not have the capacity to hold all the trash from such a large project. With all the construction going on and a dumpster in your compound, some level of safety practice is necessary to prevent accidents and injury.

Wear Protective Clothing

With construction project, it is advisable to wear protective clothing such as steel toe boots, protective goggles, hard hats, construction gloves, dust masks and long sleeved clothing among other things. There is a lot of flying debris when throwing trash into the dumpster, there is also the risk of falling objects or coming into contact with sharp objects that could cause physical harm. It is always advisable to start every project by wearing protective clothing.

Rental dumpsters are usually made of steel. With time, the exterior coat of paint may wear off especially along the edges exposing the sharp corners of the steel structure that could cause injuries. Injuries caused by rusty objects often require tetanus shots and there is a risk of serious infection after. Wearing the protective clothing can help but you also need to be careful whenever you are around the dumpster.

Safe Operation

With all the moveable parts around the dumpster, practicing safe operation is necessary to prevent the crush and pinch hazards. Get a proper walk through on how to handle the dumpster from the bin rental Toronto company before they leave it on your compound. Learning how to operate the doors, latches and locks on the dumpster is crucial if you do not want to end up crushing your finger. The door should always be properly secured whenever it is open or closed to prevent it from swinging and striking someone to cause injury.

Keep Children Out

It is no doubt that a new fun looking structure in your compound can turn into an instant jungle gym for your kids. However, rental dumpsters can be quite dangerous for children as they could cause serious injuries. Not only can the dumpster cause cuts and bruises from the rusty and sharp edges but also a swinging door can even break bones due to the heavy-duty design of the dumpster.




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