Rental disposal bins are often used in renovation and construction projects as they make it easier to get rid of any unwanted trash and old construction materials around the project site. The rental disposal bin can help keep the construction site cleaner and more organized making it easier to access all the crucial areas around the project without needing to go through piles of dirt and debris. Items like cardboard, glass, concrete; bricks and soil can be collected into the rental disposal bin and disposed of away from the construction site once it is full. Although rental disposal bins offer a huge level of convenience during such projects, a few items cannot be disposed of in rental disposal bins for safety purposes. They include:

Motor Oil

Motor oil is a huge hazard that should not be poured into rental disposal bins. If ignited, the motor oil could cause serious injuries and even fatalities depending on the amount. In case you need to dispose of the motor oil, it should be poured into a plastic container that can be sealed properly and taken to a recycling center or service station. This is because motor oil can be recycled safely for reuse. The motor oil should not be poured down the drain or be mixed with other substances to avoid serious contamination and pollution.


Any leftover paint, particularly oil-based paints should not be disposed on the rental disposal bin either. Materials like stains, coatings, paint removers and varnishes are hazardous wastes since they contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, humans and animals. In case you still have a full can, you can return it to the store where you bought it or donate the half-used cans to nonprofit organizations where they can be used for painting schools and hospitals.


All kinds of batteries contain chemicals that should be eliminated in different ways except in rental disposal bins. Batteries from appliances, cars and other vehicles should be collected and set aside. The bin rental Toronto company may be able to advice on how to get rid of the old batteries without causing any harm.


Electronic devices such as TVs, laptops, fridge and cookers contain heavy metals, recyclable materials and other materials that can be hazardous to human health, animal health and the environment. There are existing dedicated electronics recycling plants where you can take old electronics for recycling. If you have old modems and Internet wires to be disposed contact your internet provider in Ontario, they will a technician to pick up all unused equipment


Just in case you were walking through your garage and got tempted to throw your old tires into the rental disposal bin do not. Tires can also be recycled and repurposed, it is advisable to take your old tires to a recycling plant.




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