Working around a dumpster may seem straightforward enough, but it is not. There are several precautions you should take to prevent accidents around a Toronto dump rental.

Proper walk through the dumpster territory 

A good dumpster rental company will have safety protocols for their employees and you should, therefore, consult to get the safety protocols. You should organise a walk-through for the entire team on how to operate the doors, locks, and latches and on how to prevent the dumpster from dislodging.

Keep children and pets out

The location of the dumpster should be such that it is not accessible to children and pets. If there is a risk of children and pets getting into the dumpster, consider getting one that has a cover.

Wear safety gear

You should wear safety gear when disposing of anything in a dumpster. The safety gear includes steel toe boots, hard hats, protective goggles, gloves, and dust masks. You should also wear tough, long-sleeved clothing to ensure loose screws, nails, metal, or wood splinters do not puncture or cut your skin. The clothing should, however, be breathable to avoid overheating. Even if whatever you are throwing away does not seem dangerous, you should still wear safety gear because there is always a risk or rechecking.

Insist on a quality dumpster

Most rental dumpsters are made of steel. Insist on a quality dumpster because if you get one that is worn out, the exterior coat of paint may be worn off, especially along the edges, exposing sharp corners. Injuries from rusty objects are dangerous and often require tetanus shots to avoid infection.

Sort your waste

Do not put anything in the same dumpster. As an example, if you put broken glass in the same dumpster as paper, there is a risk that someone may get injured while going through the paper. Another example is you should not mix hazardous household chemicals with normal garbage since these are highly toxic and caustic and can cause damage to your eyes, lungs, or skin. Sorting waste is also the green option because it allows for recycling. You could have different dump rentals for different categories of waste. As an example, the city of Toronto encourages the use of Blue Bins for recyclables and Green Bins for garbage.

Do not fill the dumpster to the brim

Do not fill the dumpster to the brim as this could lead to the dropping off of waste while loading or transporting, which could cause injuries. The debris in the dumpster should also be spread evenly. This also prevents the dropping off of waste while loading and transporting.

Do not attempt to move the dumpster

A full dumpster can weigh several tons. Without proper training or vehicle, attempts to move a dumpster can cause the dumpster to gain momentum and move uncontrollably, damaging property or causing bodily harm.

Hire a pro to evacuate the waste

Although you could use your truck to take waste in a dump rental to a transfer station, you should leave this to a professional like Romano Disposal Services. A professional will have the right type of track and other equipment for the job and he will know his way around the drop-off area, which is another hazardous area.