Every construction and renovation job, whether it is bathroom remodeling or office renovation in Toronto downtown, requires a construction bin. And it makes more sense to rent one since you will not need it after the construction/renovation is over. There are several things to consider if you are to get the best disposal bin and the best disposal service.


Leading garbage disposal companies like Romano Disposal Services Inc. have construction bins in different sizes. Going for the right size not only saves you money (since you do not have to pay for more capacity than you require), but it also saves on space. You should think about space availability and pickup schedule when determining the capacity to go for. The company should accept a wide range of disposable construction material, ranging from concrete to bricks and from stone to asphalt.

Green Solutions

If you care about environmental conservation, rent your bins from a company that has eco-friendly construction bins. Recycling should be at the heart of the company you lease from. The company should be approved and licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment which is an indication that it takes its green policy seriously.


Although construction bins do not have the problems of foul odour and insects like residential bins do, your bins should still have seals or covering systems. This will prevent items from being blown out of the bin by even the least wind.

Ease of Handling

The bin should be easy to handle. You should, therefore, insist on such things as handles, rollers or wheels, and dollies, depending on the size. The design of the tops is also important in facilitating handling. Options include removable tops, tops that stay and vented tops.


A good construction bin is one that has safety features incorporated. The waste bin rental company should provide bins for different debris to allow for waste segregation. It is your responsibility to ensure everything goes where it should. Note sticking to Ontario waste management guidelines is a legal requirement.

Construction Material

Construction bins are made of different materials. The material should be light and easy to clean. Metal are the best materials for construction bins. Even though you are on a construction site, the design of the construction bin should be such that it is not an eyesore.

Picking Schedule

A good garbage disposal company is one that collects garbage in a timely manner. Waiting is not only inconveniencing, but the bin could spill over. The picking schedule should be flexible to match your specific needs, keeping in mind some construction sites will fill bins in one day and others in one week, depending on the size of the project. The company should have a transfer station open most days of the week.

Easy Cleaning

You should use a cleaning solution and you should consider investing in fragrant bags and odour-absorbent powder.

Cost factor is important, but it should not blind you from making the other important things to remember.