If you have a clean-out, a renovation, or a construction project, there is always a risk that you will throw something valuable out or you will accumulate too much debris that it becomes an eyesore or even prevent the smooth running of the project. There are several tips that will help you simplify garbage removal.

Do not accumulate waste

Whether you have leased a waste bin or you are taking the waste to the back alley, you should do it right away. Allowing waste to accumulate is a health risk and an eyesore. Go for a garbage collection company that does regular collections to avoid accumulation. The garbage bin should be in a safe location to protect it from garbage divers, pets, and wild animals.

Plan you renovations, clean-outs or construction projects around the garbage collection day

Although this is not always easy, it is doable. It will save you the agony of running out of garbage bin space. Other drawbacks of a delayed collection are vermin infestation and foul smell. When you rent a bin, you also get to determine the pickup day.

Put items in the right bin

In Toronto, recyclable waste should go into the blue bin while foodstuffs and other types of garbage should go into the green bin. A good disposal company will guide you on what should go into which bin. Examples of what can go into the blue bin are disposable cup lids, magazines, and plastic food containers. Examples of what cannot go into the blue bin are clothing and other textiles, chemicals, pizza boxes, and heavily-dyed paper.

Donate unrecyclable items

Consider donating to charity items that cannot be recycled such as electronics, old shoes, and clothing. Sometimes what you cannot wait to throw away could be exactly what somebody else is looking for. There are many drop-off centres around Toronto.

Hire the right company for the job

The city of Toronto has a municipal garbage collection company. However, if you want more flexibility (in terms of picking schedule) and specialized service, hire a specialist company. As an example, you should call one specializing in renovation waste if you need this removed. A good company is one that is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, one that offers related services like demolition, and has its own transfer station.

Consider renting a roll-off trash bin

If you have a big project that has a lot of debris, consider leasing a roll-off trash bin. This type of trash bin is easy to move around and it carries more debris (they range from 10 to 40 cubic yards). If there is no sufficient space for the roll-off dumpster, you can always apply for a permit from the city to put it besides the road.

At Romano Disposal Services Inc., we offer full-service garbage removal service, which includes bin rental, demolition, and transfer station in the Greater Toronto Area. Our Scarborough transfer station and our entire operation are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.